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Well, KOW, my writing block is lessening.

March 25, 2016
Posted at 10:35 am

I hope you all enjoyed the most recent update to the Yaz series. Its not over. I can't promise speed to its update. My world got turned upside down over the past few years, and the recovery has been slow, to say the least.

I received a few comments that the last chapter of Yaz was too "business" oriented. Sorry for that. But it will be a part of my writing, because the story of Yaz is not a story of a pedophile meeting a lolita cumdumpster. Its a story of two unusual people who were made even more unusual through the circumstances of the lives they led. They are intelligent, iconoclastic, and driven by greed, and a desire to create.

Their story has elements of romance, and elements of sex. But the story is how their life evolves organically from their meeting, to their falling in love, to their deciding that riding around the midwest in a semi truck selling shmates to bargain hunters was not the future they wanted for themselves or their family, and finally to trying to meld that dream into a life that includes having a family.

Their age difference is a complication to the story. It is not the story, even if it is a significant element. However, and this is important to consider, it is not just a complication to their love life. It is also a complication to their work life, too. While my main character sees Yaz as fully mature, she isn't. She is very mature, but she is not as mature as somebody who has spent 40 years running a business. She sees the world in more black and white terms than it really exists in. She is a little impulsive, a little petulant. A little, well, childish.

She is, in my opinion, a little too emotional to fully run a business. Which isn't unusual, really- a lot of business people let their emotions guide them too often, usually to their peril. But she's growing up a little at a time, as teenagers and young adults do. Which is why you see occasional shifts in her personality, as her adulthood and her childhood teeter on the see-saw.

All of that is part and parcel to the nature of this story. The expansion of the business, and their lives, is as much a part of this story as their love. I hope to write a story justifying publication, although I doubt it will ever be published beyond here.

I am working on another book. I think I will post it here, but it will not be here permanently if I do. A variation will be eventually published under my real name, and I don't want it directly connected to me. If the business aspect of Yaz makes your eyes glaze over, don't read it. It is not a sex story, a love story, or a fictional story. It is a story I have been carefully researching on the state of American malls and their adaption- or lack thereof- to the changing times vis a vis the internet, big box retailers, and changing demographics.

I have been spending tons of my times driving throughout the country examining and recording details about, so far, nearly a hundred different malls. It does take my time, but those of you who would actually like to read my ranting and raving about the idiots that mismanage businesses, might find it interesting. I won't post it, however, if nobody is actually interested in reading it!