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Lost Empire 18

March 24, 2016
Posted at 11:47 pm

After toiling tirelessly (fake sounds of grunting and heavy breathing) I have finished chapter 18. IF and I mean IF I can get it back in time tomorrow morn I will post it.

I go to work about 1pm central so I need at least half an hour to copy and paste the story (I know ancient, slow antiquated) to this site and another though I do post here first as my fellow writers are some what nicer than on the other sites I am on.

If not then it will be tomorrow night when I get home before I can post. Which means it will be Saturday Morn before anyone sees it besides my editor. Sorry all I meant to work on it earlier but Real life interfered again but I finished it tonight albeit late. Bows low please don't beat too hard LOL.