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Bit of a delay and Imp 2

March 19, 2016
Posted at 9:15 am

Ok, bit of a delay editing the new story, motivation is at a low while I recover from a bad food poisoning Tues.

That said, my muse is working overtime, and I've decided to share my Imp2 notes with you. Can't say whether these'll lead to a second chapter, but we'll see, some of these have been in mind since writing the first, some are brand spanking new.

<blockquote>Thumper is raped by hir own cock, first anally, then both anally and orally (spit roasts hirself)

Mouth is pried open by nanite threads, lips first, then teeth/jaw


Torch has already been captured and harnessed as a power source.

Plan is to capture more heroes and heroettes as batteries

Giant robot? Spacecraft? Hovercraft?

The day is saved by a young teen runaway/heroine, Maggi for short, short for Magnetic Girl as she couldn't think of anything better. Punkish blond, might come to dom Thumper at times, definitely has fun with Imp</blockquote>