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Email recieved 7:39 PM on 3/18/16 from Joel

March 19, 2016
Posted at 6:43 am

Joel wrote the following:
I'm having fun and giggles with your story, but
you need an editor/proofreader. I'm in Chapter 9
and you're driving me crazy. You got stuck on
repeatedly misusing 'defiantly' for 'definitely'.

I wouldn't bother if I didn't like you're
(intentional - just joking) writing.

Your Friend Joel

My Response:

Dear Joel,

I am well aware of the error. I simply don't have the time or energy to change things right now.

Let me explain it. In additiion to posting these wonderfully superficial stories that go no where about a boy's incestious journey into adulthood with his sisters, mother, etc; I work a full time job, I make 3d models, and I try to detox from the stupid of that fulltime job. And if you wanna know how far the stupid extends... I work as "Computer repair" and have people call me and cuss me out when their internet doesn't work, only for me to enlighten them that I'm not the internet department... no seriously, they call me when their internet is out, and my job is virus removal and things equivalent to this.

Beyond that, I have not reviewed these stories in quite some time, besides the obvious editing to smash one version of the story into another.

If I remember right, and double checking I do, chapter 9 is part of the original story, and that's what it is... original, how I wrote it back in 2007 or so, when it was a big fuck you to my fat ass roommate (I called him Pizza the hutt. Kudos to anyone who gets the reference) who, by the way was into furry little boys, didn't like that I was writing an incest story because, and I quote, "No one likes incest, it's disgusting." Mind you the last time I saw the guy was in 2010 and he was still a virgin.... not even kidding, the guy couldn't PAY to lose his virginity.

But since I'm rambling, let me tell a little side story about pizza the hutt here.

(Clears throat) Okay so Pizza the hutt had a real name. His name was David. Guy weighed nearly 500 lbs (Not kidding, he had to turn his ass sideways to fit through a normal doorway) and constantly stank. Now my wife (girlfriend/fiancee at the time of the story) was a little overweight in the same way a pregnant woman is. No, I'm not kidding, my wife always looks pregnant. And if you realize that a lot of my work revolves around incest and pregnancy, you will realize something else... I have a pregnancy fetish. But that is besides the point. Okay so Pizza the hutt sees her in a bikini top and says something completely clueless, mind you we had just had a day of playing in the pool in the apartment complex we lived in... and we hadn't changed yet. What he said was for her to go get clothes on because... something about him not wanting to see her like that... yeah, um don't quite remember, but my wife has D-Cup tits and Was showing plenty of skin. Mind you this was before we discovered his fetish. So later on, we're out at Sam's club (big warehouse type store where you can buy shit in bulk in the united states) and we run into a coworker of mine (Also 500 lbs, and also named dave) So Dave2 is filling up PTH's car and I'm chatting with him, cause Dave2 worked at the gas station section and PTH ran in to grab a 24 oz pepsi from the food court, and Dave2 tells me how he's off in like 10 minutes and he has this hot date.

Me: Dave2, tell me... you're obviously a bit on the heavy side... how do you get all these ladies to date you?

Dave2: Dunno. I just chat with them. they get to know me a little, we go out for drinks, i get laid.

Me: Well I need to know your secret. PTH really needs to get laid and he's got a stick up his ass from being a virgin too long.

PTH and Dave2's date walk up to the gas station at the same time, and Dave2's date is what most guys (i say most guys because of my fetish) find to be a 10/10. She's 5'5" tall, dark brown hair, not an ounce of fat on her, with D or double d cup tits. Not even kidding. So standign there, I think I have it all figured out. Dave2 has confidence. She doesn't care that he's overweight, he's tried to burn it off, but he still finds a way to make himself irresistable to her... or atleast he did, they broke up like a month later, but whatevs.

And by the time they had broken up, I had discovered PTH's little porn collection on a laptop he kept in the living room... where he would Stuff his fat hand down his fat ass pants and jack off regardless of who was around...

Okay, easy assumption from what i said... PTH was gross and scummy.

No seriously... he was... And he finally meets a girl online, flies to florida to meet her, and she wont even kiss him or hug him...

So what was I saying? Oh yeah the mistake, yeah I know about it, it was back before i even bothered proofreading my own shit, when I was trying to throw up new chapters each day to because I wanted to show PTH that he was wrong, and that my readers did like incest... yeah they showed him. Literally hundreds of people telling him to go fuck himself when i let the readers know what he said.

So there ya go. That's my excuse. Just never got around to fixing it.

Thanks for the eye though.

The new stuff has a proofreader/editor, and is getting published.

Lots of love.

Joshua L Edwards
AKA Arquillius AKA Earthix AKA Nova