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The Times They Are A Changing - Chapter 5

March 18, 2016
Posted at 11:13 am

Chapter 5 is in the posting queue. This is the last short chapter for a while.

Michael and the two ladies find shelter from the snow and cold.

Thanks for the feedback folks. It is appreciated, especially when you report a typo. I plan to upload the fixes for chapters 1-3 before Sunday. No major changes, just little things.

Smiley Smith just posted another story. He is major prolific. Even if Spanking isn't your kink, I think that you will find that Quadruplets Are More Fun has an interesting twist.

The Swarm authors are very active right now, and you should be happy with the new stories that are at various stages in the pipeline. These guys and gals take a lot of pride in their efforts to keep the Swarm Cycle both consistent and entertaining.

If you drop them a note about what you like or don't like, it will be greatly appreciated.