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March 14, 2016
Posted at 4:51 am

Well, we've a few things today, so lets get to it.

•Remember that last entry? Well, that's being upgraded from WIP to first draft. As is typical with my work flow, we'll be rewriting it, expanding it, and spell checking it. Then it'll get 2 or 3 reads/edits/rewrites over the next couple weeks before we publish it. Final product should be 1st person POV, fem dom, male sub, non-con, role reversal, toys and gay sex with a 3rd person wrap up.
••We've also tossed down a few paragraphs of another story which we'll be updating to the blog soon. Yep, non-con again, but not first person, at least not yet. The two stories may feed off of each other, and build another universe for me too, we'll see
•••We may be commissioning a portrait of the artist as it were. Obviously Mr Phibb is a pen name, but we're also giving him an image, a sorta fictional depiction of my dom side, which will be based on the victim in the story I'm working on. My sub OC is a umamusuko pussy boy, so there'll prolly be yet another pic in the future depicting them side by side to show the contrast. Actually might be a three way, the 'real' me, the sub fantasy me, and the dom fantasy me, we'll see
••••We'll be posting a how I work blog entry this week at some point.

Hmmm, I think that's all the news this week, all the news that new and approved by the US Army, the sweetest smelling army in the world.