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The Times They Are A Changing

March 13, 2016
Posted at 3:50 pm

Good afternoon. I just posted the first three chapters of my new story in Thinking Horndog's Swarm Cycle.

Because I hate to start reading a story that is never completed, I waited to start posting until all 23 chapters were done. I'm glad I waited, as I received a LOT of help from the Swarm authors community. It was a lot like kneading bread - very tiring - but the product is so much better.

I'm just learning SOL, but you should expect a chapter to be posted every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday until the story is complete. These first three are short chapters, so the future postings will be a single, mostly longer, chapter.

Feedback is very welcome as are suggestions. I'll try to answer promptly.

I've already found three missed typos which will be fixed in due time. I urge you to report any that you find.

The sequel "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" is well under way.