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New story soon

March 12, 2016
Posted at 1:51 pm

Howdy to all my favorite pervs!
Greetings from military charm school, where the DoD is attempting to make me a better leader and, fortunately for you dear readers, a better writer too. Sure, they're trying to make me a better professional writer, but I still find time to quietly nibble on the hand that feeds and write my little dirty stories.
Good news, despite having about 40 pages of professional writing due in a few weeks I'm a few chapters deep into a new story. It's my usual but I'm trying a new way of framing my stories that will hopefully help me avoid embarrassments like "Kayla's Flight" where I get 25 chapters in and have no idea where to go now. But I'll ask you, do you want to see things come out as chapters are written, or release a chapter or two a day once it's complete? Let me know, I'll keep writing and take suggestions.

PS - the new story is also a "slow," it'll take a few chapters to get to the good stuff. Unless you appreciate things like plot and character building. :)