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Rainbow Families

March 10, 2016
Posted at 5:02 pm
Updated: March 10, 2016 - 6:44 pm

Dave has now completed the editing of the second story of my "2016 comeback". And once more I must thank him for his dedication to making my stories so much more readable. A footnote is simply not enough. Thanks Dave!

The story started out as a "what-if" exercise in which a groom stops his own wedding when the congregation is given the traditional invitation of the title. Although the storyline around this idea changed massively, we decided to retain the provisional title, so we now present Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace - published today for your enjoyment.

While, as the title suggests, it centers on a wedding - a wedding that ends up not happening (as you can read already from the prologue, so writing it here is not much of a spoiler) it also discusses weddings that until recently could not take place at all. I am talking about the formalization, solemnization if you like, of the commitment between two loving adults denied for the flimsy reason that the lovers have the same gender. Those unions were impossible in many States of the US during the era narrated in the story, and still remain impossible in many places throughout the world.

I find that kind of discrimination unacceptable. I rejoiced when the Supreme Court of the United States ended it nationwide, and I let my alter-ego - the storyteller George, do likewise in harsh uncompromising words. George's words are mine and if they offend, tough shit. WTSman is on his soap-box. It happens once in a while.

My regular readers should not be surprised - neither about the soap-box, nor the subject; many of my previous stories feature same-sex relationships painted in, what I hope is a very positive light. (There is not much same-sex sex simply because I have no personal experience to draw from; I was helped with the It's Practically What Uncles Are For stories by some lesbian friends but that's an aside).

I hope that the soap-box doesn't stand in the way of good story-telling; please read, vote and comment - I'd like to know if you think I've pulled it off.