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"Blood Money"

March 10, 2016
Posted at 1:45 pm

My latest posting is a standard Western in 10 chapters with no time travel, ESP, or aliens. The story was suggested by a book and movie staring Robert Mitcham called "Blood on the Moon" that came out while I was still in high school. That would put it about 1950.

I wrote the story with just a taste of dialect to give flavor to the dialog. Don't worry about the use of "that there" or "this here," they were common expressions at the time.

There is minimal sex, but there is a lot of gunplay, so most people should like it. I certainly hope so. Vote if you like, but I should warn you that votes less than 6 will have little or no effect on the final score.

The posting will start on Friday, 03/11/2016.