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Publishing a few stories

March 8, 2016
Posted at 3:54 pm

A publishing company contacted me wanting to publish some of my short stories and wants me to write more just for them to publish in a digital format. My writer friend is probably behind this effort, and I was hesitant to venture into this world.

After several long discussions with both my writer friend and Jo, I have accepted their offer. They are currently having my story "The Remembrance of the Reluctant Representative" edited and I am working on several more stories for them. They want to publish three stories at one time with perhaps one of them being a free thing.

I will still publish most of my stories here, but they may ask that some of the ones they handle not be up for free. The stories that they publish will be a tamer nature than those that go here - just the nature of the beast, rape stories are verboten, as are incest, in the main stream publishing erotica. That is not because of the publisher's or the sales outlets, oddly, it is because of the credit card companies.

I do not think my stories will sell well, but it was an ego boost for them to ask me to write for them..