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What's going on here?

March 7, 2016
Posted at 12:42 pm

Hi everybody!

Okay so I haven't been posting reviews, or questions lately... good reason behind that. I have been sick and not up to it.

So you probably noticed SWMS is back up, but marked as "to be continued" instead of "Finished" that's because I'm making a bold move and taking all those rewrites, rewriting them as added chapters and throwing them in before SWMS 2 is posted. So yeah, new bits of the story intigrated into original continuaty. First is Revamped and reloaded, then I'll do the final retelling in the final chapters and let it all tie together before releasing an updated version of SWMS2. So for now enjoy. Not sure when the new chapters will be up.

Voting is still disabled, because I don't care.

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