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Black History Month

March 3, 2016
Posted at 2:44 pm
Updated: March 3, 2016 - 2:55 pm

After a month of little tidbits about black people's contribution to white peoples lives I just had to speak out about this.

What I mean is, I just have to put my two cents in on this motherfucking subject. Black history month? Black motherfucking history month? Give me a fucking break, what is more, racist than black history month? Thought up by bleeding heart, white elitist, liberal motherfucking, privileged, cocksuckers to give me a month to be proud in while they get the other fucking eleven months. Shortest damn month of the year at that.

No way, no motherfucking way, HELL NO, shit on a shingle NO. Are you getting all this or do I need to slow down? This shit is divisive and an insidious, indecent way to say - you ain't good enough. Oh, you had these few folks that done good the rest of you belong back in the motherfucking jungle. You'd all starve to death without white asses helping you so here's your month - vote for Hillary and the rest of our black protecting, here's your welfare check handing, keep you in your proper place - ass fucking democratic party. By the way, Millie have you picked up your food stamps? You know you need our help get back to hooking it's a great profession.

I mean just think about it, can you do that? Can you wrap your mind around what I'm saying? You give me a month and talk about the significant contributions of black folk. Get all excited about Garrett Augustus Morgan inventing the goddamn traffic light. This black and white thing is stupid as stupid can be. Judge me by who I am, where I came from and what I made of myself in spite of where I started. Do not judge me by the color of my skin or give me shit because you feel sorry that slavery was a bad thing. Motherfucking inbreeding is a bad thing but no one is a chopping down the branchless family trees in Arkansas or Alabama are they?

This shit has to end people - when will get to a time when skin color has no more meaning than hair or eye color? Stop this shit, in the words of the great TV lawman genius Barney Fife, "Nip it, nip it in the bud." And I mean right now - boy!