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The Clitoride Awards and My Favorite Ineligible Author

February 20, 2016
Posted at 4:47 pm

I've always enjoyed the Clitorides, and have tried to participate in nominations/votes when I could. I've also found some old stories I'd lost track of in the Clitoride archives, and been able to reread them, thanks to the Clitorides.

This year, I've nominated or voted for several stories, and a few authors. Some stories I've nominated, I know will have no hope to win, but they were still outstanding stories to me, and I wanted the authors to at least have the recognition of being nominated.

One author I was sure would be nominated, wasn't. I finally figured out why - his stories, although imho wonderful, do not have sex scenes. He still publishes on SOL, thank God, but I understand and accept why he will never appear in the voting for the Clitorides.

His name is Banadin.

Thinking on it, there's another author in the same boat - again, one with some wonderful stories on SOL that happen not to have any sexual content.

His name is Refusenik.

Believe me, I enjoy stories with a sexual content. But I also enjoy many that have none.

I'm glad the Clitorides are here, and I fully support it both in concept, intent, and function. Here, I merely wish to acknowledge and express some heartfelt appreciation to two excellent authors whose works will never appear in that forum.

Thank you, Banadin! Thank you, Refusenik! Your works have made the world a better place.