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I Love It.

February 6, 2016
Posted at 12:28 pm

I LOVE it when new readers discover my stories.

At least I assume that's what's happening at least some of the time when the download count is, like 72 for the week on an old story like Carl Naked in School. I can even see a sort of ripple effect on downloads on subsequent stories in the series.

I even occasionally get feedback! I even got one of Cement Boots! I'd like more of course, on any of my books.

I am in the process of an extensive rewrite of Carrying the Flag. At this point I'm up to chapter 10, with two more chapters to go.

I'll probably have the original version removed and start posting the rewritten chapters at the rate of one a week within a month.

As those uploads go on I will be continuing the story, as I felt it was unfinished the way I left it. I expect to be working on this for the next year, God willing.