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Where have you been?

February 4, 2016
Posted at 7:32 pm

Hi everybody!
(Waits for Hi dr. Nick response)

So you probably want to know what I've been up to, and I'm not gonna lie. I've been mostly playing games. Minecraft, Fallout 4. Played around abit with my NIS series, but ultimately scrapped it. I've also been watching a bit of old TV episodes.

For those of you who don't read into my writing, a lot of it has basis on other series. Aric Chronicles takes a bit from Chrono Trigger and DBZ. Don't Change takes a bit from Power Rangers.

So how does this tie in? Well, I've been working on Don't Change 2. This takes its basis from, additionally, the Different StarGate Series. I've started my writing for it, and I have some creative consultants on board regarding certain Characters.

This Book introduces several new characters in the war, and will follow the Fallen Terra Warriors leader, Joshua. If you didn't read what happened with him, he's lost his powers (much like the Green Ranger in power rangers) giving his powers up completely to save the life of a woman he loved. He tried getting them back the old fashioned way, and now he's off on a journey that may be fruitful in getting him back on the team.

But worry not, it's not the last we've seen of the original group. The book does cover their goings on as well, though it's main focus is on Joshua and his new team. As usual, the heroes of Dimension Zero will be making appearances.

Thanks for your continued readership;

Joshua L. Edwards aka Arquillius