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A new year!

January 17, 2016
Posted at 11:36 am

I hope that 2016 began well for everyone. I'm now involved in remodeling a house we purchased "on the court house steps" literally. That's a story in itself.

I see that the Clitoride Award season is again upon us. There are some very good stories and authors nominated for awards. I suggest that readers look over the process and register their opinions. I have a few favorites, but don't want to try to influence how other readers vote. I will say that I personally do not do very well in these contests, and much of that is because I really do not write many sex scenes and am not very good at it when I try.

With a name like "Clitorides" I think we can expect more than a little sex in the winning stories. I realize that while I do enjoy erotic stories, mine are not erotic for the most part. I'm fine with it. Not everyone can write pages of various sexual activities and maintain the readers' interest. I often skim the sex parts in stories, especially when it is background fill. I do enjoy sex, and reading about sex, if it is well written and part of the story. I do not enjoy writing about it in detail.

These writers, for the most part, pour their hearts and souls into their stories and any encouragement you can offer is greatly appreciated by them. By the same token, telling a poor writer how good they are is not doing them a favor, is it? Point out where they need improvement and try to remain positive. We writers are fragile creatures.

Do have a great 2016!