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Feedback discussion - Use of text-speak

January 13, 2016
Posted at 11:48 pm

When I get an interesting anonymous comment, I'll post it and see what people think.

Last time, a post on the description of women generated over 45 emails, some from long time authors here who I've read for years. I wish I could summarize all the excellent advice they gave by more than "do whatever you want", but it really was all over the map.

In this case, it took me a second to even understand what they were complaining about:

Please avoid informal things like text-speak it
makes for poor reading, and makes you come across
as uneducated, or sloppy.

These and similar things you might have used in
other chapters should be corrected:
pls - please
Txt - Text

I thought for a second they were going to ask I was a millennial, but it's a reasonable point. In one of the chapters, I did use abbreviations that have become almost universal in work email, and not just in texts. I have a major re-edit on the the whole series coming up when I finish it, so it's likely I'll clean this up since it's not related to the story at all. It just surprises me that after quoting or mentioning Acton, Thompson, and Maslow that they'd think I was uneducated :) Hmm, wonder what they think of smiley faces.