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Coldest Day of the Winter

January 4, 2016
Posted at 2:41 pm

It is ironic that today being the coldest day of the southern Ontario, Canada winter that it helped me find a glaring error in a story I am currently writing. I originally had my characters spending 3 days in Marseille, France in the first week of January until I checked the temperature of that place early this morning my time which made it afternoon Marseilles time. It was 12 C there and DEFINITELY NOT BIKINI weather! Now Marseille becomes the more affordable Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Surprisingly this works out better and my characters can have twice the vacation for the same amount of money. Montego Bay is also a balmy +27 Celsius while I shiver in -17 Celsius on the coldest day of the winter. The perfect day in southern Ontario for a hot coffee, a roasted chicken and lots of writing; dreaming of Montego Bay.