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Blog and The Master Downstairs update

January 2, 2016
Posted at 11:30 am

After so much great feedback on my previous question about Descriptions of Women, I have to say thank you to all 17 people who responded. Several authors whose work I've read here went out of the way to give detailed examples and suggestions. Some of them kindly read my work and gave their thoughts. A lot of readers weighed in on what they thought was "just enough" and "too much". I'll think about trying to summarize the best of the suggestions so that others can benefit as well, but let me finish TMD first.

I had to fix a continuity problem in chapter 12 of the Master Downstairs, so please give the ending a re-read. I've also re-edited all the previous chapters to clean up some similar problems, but am giving it a day or two before I reread them again and then repost. I now have the rest of the story plotted out to a conclusion. Should be about 6 or 7 more chapters, but they're going to take more time than what I was able to write last week. It's back to the job again which slows things down.

Your feedback and comments are incredibly helpful. I've put in a few things specifically based on questions from the readers. Please keep it coming as well as voting.