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Merry Christmas to all.

December 24, 2015
Posted at 5:36 pm

I would like to wish everyone here on SoL a very Merry Christmas, as that is the holiday I celebrate. If you celebrate another holiday, I am in no way trying to offend you. Too many people get offended so easily these day instead of taking it as a wish for joy and happiness, whatever they are celebrating. If someone wants to wish me a Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, or any other holiday, I thank you for wanting me to feel the happiness you feel in your celebration.

On another holiday note, I would like to remind people that for some, this is a very depressing time of year as they think about those that are no longer with them physically, of other things they have lost, or about their current situation. Depression is a very real and serious problem.

Due to the holiday season, I have been unable to get much writing done. I hope to have another chapter done soon.