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December 18, 2015
Posted at 11:47 am

Holiday Hell

The holidays are upon us, this means that I am working twice as much (working, not writing) as all of my co-workers are taking time off. But then again, so am I. My time off will be spent seeing family and friends, lots of driving, and hopefully even more drinking. Which means I still get no time to relax and write. Because of this I'll likely not get another update to WTYD in before next year. I know, lame. But I am working on a new story (actually I think I have about 6 active WIPs) that I am hoping to finish up relatively soon and get the editing process started on that. This new one will be a short, sexy, brutal, cyberberpunk story about the emotional cost of the sex industry in a high-tech future. It's a Gibson style cyberpunk world in the vain of Neuromancer, the father of the genera. It's titled "3 AM" so keep an eye out for it.