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Invid Fan Update

December 17, 2015
Posted at 10:27 am

I don't know how many readers will access and read this, but I am using it today to pass along an update and a message from my dear friend, mentor, and fellow SOL contributor Invid Fan, who posts here regularly -- certainly with more regularity than me. Any of you who are readers of his efforts may notice he seems to have disappeared.

To be blunt, Invid Fan is ill. He's currently in the hospital undergoing tests and treatments for an uncommon condition. After discharge, he will be in a rehab facility for therapy to help him regain functions the illness stole from him. While in the hospital and rehab facility, he will be unable to access SOL, even if his progress is such that he's physically able to post. He has access to the hospital's WiFi network, but the filters in place prevent him from accessing certain sites, including SOL.

As such, he will be unable to post for an indefinite period of time. He has requested that I use my blog to reach as many of his followers as possible, however small that may be. If anyone who reads this is indeed an IF follower, please try to pass the word to others. I will post updates as regularly as possible. If you have any questions or you wish to pass along get well wishes, please send them to me via the SOL email system, and I will see that he gets them.

As a side note, Invid Fan is the webmaster for my World of Letoria site. If any of you visit there regularly, it's the same thing: it may be a while before anything new gets posted there.