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Update and request

December 10, 2015
Posted at 11:04 pm


I have been asked, and I agreed that an update to what is going on in my writing is warranted. The short answer is in good faith I went back and started to correct the errors in my first story that was making writing the sequel harder. In good faith I was working my way through the story when my muse decided to take yet another break giving me an idea for another story. Following the direction my muse wanted to go I got into writing this next couple of stories to which I have about ten chapters done in one and twenty chapters doing in a prequel/ sequel. Admitting to that I apologize as I do want to get back to work in the next Giants story but these two are raging in my head wanting to be written and I am following my muse. To everyone who was ready for the sequel to Giants, I am sorry.

With my apology done I would like to ask if anyone is interested in proof reading and possible sounding board for my current work which are Modern Fantasy/ High Fantasy to contact me through SOL. I am looking for one or two individuals who have the time and inclination to discuss what I am doing and where I am planning on taking the stories. If you have the time and desire to work with me I would like to hear from you.

I will try to answer everyone who has expressed interest but if the response is too great, please forgive me if I say thanks to everyone in a blog post. Previous requests have taxed my ability to reply but I will try if you are willing enough to write to me in the first place.