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Everything's Too Long

December 9, 2015
Posted at 1:45 pm

The delays. The setbacks. The writing itself, and the length of the new chapters.

All too damn long.

Suffice to say this year has not gone as planned. I'm still working on "Listening to Jack" and "Playing Ball With Mom", but both have turned into these unwieldy, sprawling, huge monsters that never seem to end. It's difficult working on them, and particularly difficult to try and edit them, so I can attempt to get them back under control. But they're both something of a mess right now, and until I pare them back to something I'm happy with, I can't update them. So my apologies for the continuing delays on both stories.

In the meantime, I've been trying to write a sequel of sorts to "Fun with the Colte Family". I don't know if there's necessarily a demand for a sequel, but I'm just trying to write something that's shorter, quicker to write and edit ... and so I'm actually posting new chapters of an actual story. And hopefully that breaks me out of the rut I've been with the other stories.