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Chapter 23 is in the queue

December 1, 2015
Posted at 1:52 am

I hope everyone survived the Black Thursday/Friday/Saturday sales without getting trampled or mugged.

Another author blogged about someone taking offense to his warning message concerning content. It seems the reader thought since this is a sexually oriented site that everyone should be adult enough to handle whatever is written. I guess that reader enjoys any kind of erotica.

I understand that there are certain topics that 'squick' some of you and I try to give some advance warning. There is some subject matter that, while it does not happen 'on-screen', the aftermath is discussed and could cause someone to react badly. For those, I include the warnings and end of scene markers in my stories. I don't include the tags because the actual acts are never seen.

I hope this is a satisfactory explanation of my use of notices within my story. If not, please let me know why you think I should leave them out or change how I do it.

A lot happens in this chapter. I hope you enjoy.

Capt. Zapp