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Story Updates

November 28, 2015
Posted at 1:26 pm

So, there are a few updates currently in the works for my stories. They are as follows.

Sisters in Love and Trust: The next chapter and the one after are in the works. The next and final part of Chapter 3 is being finished. Chapter 4 is already done.

Jane's Victory: I have currently edited and reposted Chapters 1-4. I will not post the next chapter until all that are up are redone. The story mostly remains the same, but I have spiced up some scenes and have edited the formatting to make it easier to read.

A Daughter's Massage: I have two new stories for Dana and her mother in the works. Sadly no timetable when they'll be up.

My Eighteenth: I have the final four stories in the works. I am not sure when they will be finished. I hope to have the next two up before the year is out.

Tits Carlson: Sadly, this story is on further hiatus. I have an idea of how I want the next chapter to go, but I have not had the inspiration to write it as I imagine.

I have ten new stories in the works right now as well. I want to put at least two more up before the year is out.