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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2015
Posted at 12:45 pm

Well, it's been a good while since my last entry, so I thought that I would give you guys an update on things.

First, in answer to a reader's query, "My Wicked Ways" is a continuation of the same canon as "Halloween Birthday: Trick or Treat" and "New Year's Fuckin' Eve." However, of course, to clarify this, I put them all into a series now, the Lawgiver series, so-called because Mark's new role as the Lawgiver has begun at the end of "My Wicked Ways," and will become more apparent over time to other characters.

Secondly, I noted a continuity gaffe in "My Wicked Ways" about Mark's age. At one point, it is indicated that he is 37, but later that he is 39. Since I am 39 in real life, and Mark is an idealized version of myself, I will think of it in terms of the "37" part being a joke and leave it at that.

Finally, in response to the most recent feedback about "Bible Camp Blues," if one reads further, it will be clear that Larry will find a wife to stay with him for the rest of his remaining, albeit short life. She's not straight, but she proves to be very much attached to him. They will have to break free of the whole Judeo-Christian world-view to fully enjoy their lives together. Also, the castration bit was some poetic justice in my book, as I don't like rapists. It wasn't done to titillate.