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Email Recieved 3:47 Pm on 11/25/15 from Monki86

November 25, 2015
Posted at 7:24 pm

Monki86 wrote: Dear Arquilius

I admit I don't totally recall what I wrote you,
but from what you quoted, it seems there's no need
to pull that card. I neither recall asking you to
change your story nor asking to become your

Nor do I recall giving you any grief about it
either. I'm sorry if I did and you left it out of
the quote, but it does not look it from what you
quoted, nor does it seem like something I'd give
anyone grief about.

As far as I recall and can see from what you
quoted, I was giving you a friendly tip for future
stories (or rl uses of the expressions).

Getting all pissed and posting that you don't need
services that were never offered is a rather poor
reaction, kinda like throwing feces at people.
Sure, you might have had a really bad day and
weren't in the mood to find out something you
wrote doesn't mean what you thought it did, but
hey, chill, nobody's questioning your intelligence
here or insulting you otherwise.

Kind regards,


Dear Monki86,

1. As you can see i copy and paste the email.
2. This is how I interpret it.
3. Not looking for a therapist or psychiatrist either, thanks though.