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Tomorrow is his birthday

November 23, 2015
Posted at 9:56 pm

He loved the opening line to his favorite story. But because tomorrow is the day he would have been 34 I've been thinking about him this week.

Below is what I posted on another site that tracks dead authors

My friend Joesephus would have been 34 tomorrow, (Nov 24,) I find it hard to understand how much I still miss him. I'm still in touch with his widow although I haven't seen her in person for a year. She's going career in the Marine Corps and has received promotions early. She is still in Military Intelligence and long ago learned a killer stare for anyone who mentions the old saw.

I have one piece of Joesephus' writing that I've never published. It was what he hoped to make into a book for dead tree publication and translations into his own language. He intended it to be very political in his country and it's about half written with a (almost unique for him) detailed outline of how he intended to finish it. I've talked to my dad about his taking a shot at finishing it, his two stories that he tried to use Joesephus' voice, have gotten pretty good responses, but he doesn't think he can get the politics right. Joesephus would not have wanted published unfinished. My dad ripped me for the one unfinished story I did post. I was just so happy to have found that I didn't think about it.

The big deal for me is that I could show it to Kritter, his wife, since he intended it to be public and she has no idea how talented he was. He wouldn't want her to see an unfinished story , thus MY dilemma. 😢

Thanks for the opportunity to vent.