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Fixes to Chapter 85

November 21, 2015
Posted at 11:14 am

I've made a couple of small changes to Chapter 85 based on feedback from a reader. I changed 'timed fuses' to 'proximity fuses' for technical accuracy in regards to the AA fire that Sam was taking. I had originally thought 'proximity fuses' when I was writing the chapter but the word went out of my head while I was typing and it wouldn't come back, thus why I ended up writing what I did. I also clarified that the wooded area that the AA gun tractor was parked in was on the crest of a hill. Hopefully it allows readers to visualize how the gunner's brought their weapons to bear so quickly against Jack and then Sam.

As for my narrative in regards to missle lock-on and hitting targets, that is a little artistic license. I know that once you've got a look on with a missile it is basically fire and forget (unless the thing is wire guided) and I also know that most missiles can be launched from miles away once lock on has been achieved, however where is the excitement in that. Writing it out might not be realistic but I do hope that it adds a little excitement to the chapter that it is in. If not, well I'll have to find Charles a different toy to play with.

Thanks for the feedback and for reading.