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The Nazis

November 20, 2015
Posted at 4:26 pm

Just some clarification on the two battle groups approaching the resort. The first clarification is that the force is post-WWII era in technology which means that most of the vehicles are not similar to what we would recognize from our history. The tanks in the northern battle group are sort of a cross between a late model PZKW IV and a Soviet T-34/85. The vehicle has a frying pan turret and an 88-mm main gun. As for the personnel carriers they are closer to an M113 in appearance than anything else. The SP guns are turreted 155-mm Howitzers similar to the M-109 in configuration. Finally the vehicle mounted anti-aircraft gun is a 37-mm weapon being carried on a chassis similar to a large Sdkfz 9 tractor except that the vehicle is fully tracked.

Another clarification is that the Nazi force has no radar supporting the AA or FA detachments. However it did not mean that the Nazi's were caught unaware. Sentries had been posted arount the hill where the vehicles had been encamped and the hill where the AA was parked was higher than the surrounding terrain. Somebody spotted the three Sparrow Hawks and they used field phones to call back and alert their command post. Still it only allowed the first AA vehicle to engage the Sparrow Hawks before Charles and his flight could react.

Again thanks for reading.