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Code Monkey formatting problems with Chapter 38

November 20, 2015
Posted at 1:09 pm

Okay, there was a section of page one that repeated and part of a section on page three that failed to appear. I sent a message to the webmaster and here is what I got back.

> Do you know what happened so I can let readers know?

For some unknown reason this happens occasionally. I haven't
found the cause yet. I keep trying to figure it out, but it's
very unpredictable, it's been impossible to pin down so far.

You've reposted it and I processed it.
Check the results and let me know if it's out of order again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Lazeez Jiddan

Just so everyone knows, I do have proofreaders and what is now posted on SOL is as it should be.

Thanks for all the messages about the problem.