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Castaway - Chapter 43

November 11, 2015
Posted at 10:24 am

This chapter is pretty much simply a divertissement, a digression from the main story that I interpolated mainly for its amusement value. I didn't start writing it as such, but one thing kind of led to the next as Camilla took over. My characters will sometimes do that, they don't want a mere author masterminding their lives.
I don't necessarily recommend Camilla's answer to rape; it takes a lot of guts and determination, and a willingness to accept the risks of failure. But bear in mind that the would-be rapist is putting important parts of his body into positions that make them accessible to the victim in ways he may not care about. Rape is a crime committed by a perpetrator who needs to be pretty confident of his self-perception of invulnerability, and his prospective victim often has the opportunity to take advantage of that if she (or he; it can happen to guys, too) is willing to go all out.