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The longest journey.

November 5, 2015
Posted at 12:17 pm

…starts with a single step, and that first step is proving a problem when it comes to writing the next book in the 'Poacher's Progress' series.
Samhain has passed, and with it my mood of melancholic apathy, or 'ennui' as some clever person informed me. What a blessing it is to have so many all-knowing people as SOL readers.

However I am now suffering something akin to writer's block, which manifests itself in not so much as a lack of inspiration but lack of inclination - no doubt I will be enlightened as to the correct terminology by some savant out there in SOL land.

The next book in the series is in rough outline in my mind, the problem is translating that outline into a readable story. Believe me I have tried; sitting at the PC keyboard forcing my fingers to peck out a thousand words or so … complete garbage … even more than my usual output. Try as I may I can't produce am accurate form, on paper or screen, of the thoughts, plots, dialogue and characters which are in my mind.
It has come to the point where writing is an unenjoyable chore, so I've stopped.
In the words of the Bard of Avon; 'I can't be arsed '. This could signal the end of my literary career, such as it is. Who knows, and who indeed cares.
I shall eschew any thought of writing until the New Year; hopefully by then I will have regained my literary appetite.
If not then it is Goodnight Vienna, and Jack Green.