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Castaway - Chapter 39

November 2, 2015
Posted at 10:28 am

I wish I'd had the imagination to develop more about the Akulla. I did think about it, but it didn't fit well with my story, which I wanted to focus on a single member of the species stranded on a strange world and his interaction with the denizens of that world and their individual hopes and dreams.
It's pretty clear that the "authorities" have more knowledge of Asmedogh than Nick had thought, or wanted them to have. Where does this lead? Or have they successfully deflected the potential problem?
If you're growing too impatient for the answers, I again mention that the entire novel (complete with a cover, if you want such) is available, along with my other major fiction, on Amazon. Very low cost ($3 a book); I want readers, not riches.