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Disappearing Act

October 27, 2015
Posted at 3:32 am

I finally managed to get Chapter 16 finished. It was hard to write -- I changed course at least five times -- and I had a busy daily life demanding I give up writing time.

There was something else, too.

I have to be in a certain frame of mind when I write the erotic parts. Not exactly aroused; I don't want to write when I'm horny. I want to (ahem, pardon me) fuck. No, I guess you'd call it the warm and fuzzies. Naturally, an increased libido is part of the warm and fuzzies, but only a part.

For various reasons, I had a hard time reaching that frame of mind for long stretches, meaning writing the juicy bits was done in fits and starts. Then, about a month ago I started stirring. I managed the sexy parts in three nights.

The wait for Chapter 17 will not be long. It's already written. It was one of those really intense bursts of energy. It was as if the Muse revealed to me with crystal clarity what I needed write, and away I went -- it was done in two days, except for a lot of editing. I'm aiming for a posting around Thanksgiving.

I need to come here and post updates on a more regular basis. I'm not doing anyone, myself included, any favors by neglecting this common courtesy.