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Look back in .....?

October 22, 2015
Posted at 5:27 pm

It is now a week since I posted the last chapters, and epilogue, of Paying the Piper and I have spent the time in a peculiar frame of mind. Not exactly depression, more a melancholic apathy. The feeling could be due to the time of year … the festival of Samhain approaches, which Christians refer to a Halloween … as does a birthday, and I am of that time of life when attaining a birthday can be problematic.

However, the reason for my wallow in the slough of despond is the end of the series Over the Hills and Faraway. This was/is my book which everyone is supposed to have within them. It was the story I had to write, and the reason I registered with storiesonline …and now it is finished.
What mountain do you climb after scaling Everest?

I have more books to write, for the series Poacher's Progress, but I have not the inclination as yet to start. Hopefully I will perk up after Samhain … but I don't half miss Dewey Desmond.

Jack G