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OK, I want to get back in the saddle...

October 22, 2015
Posted at 11:39 am

However, it is very difficult to jump back into a story, as I would like to think I had established a writing style in each one, that requires...a particular mindset.

As I am YEARS removed from each of the stories I have posted, it would be easier to start a fresh story to remove at least one of my blocks. So, I would ask, which would you prefer? Please respond with one of the following choices.

New Story
A. Summary - A magical civilization in another reality is being overrun. As a last, desperate attempt to flee their enemies, they open a portal from their reality to ours, right on top of the Yellowstone Super volcano. An unintended side effect of this portal breaching the Angelic Wards on our reality causes all of the energy stored in the Yellowstone Caldera to change to magic, sweeping across the globe and changing people and animals into the magical representations of their inner selves.

B. Second Age of Discovery
C. Lost Colony
D. Abort/Retry/Ignore
E. Harry Potter: The Spectacular Spiderman