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Email recieved 3:34 AM on 10/19/2015 from Scott Marshall

October 19, 2015
Posted at 7:53 am


In Chapter 1, paragraph 2, the correct spelling is
"led to our descent into disgrace."

"Lead" (when pronounced "led") is a metal,
otherwise the word is pronounced "leed", as in
"lead me not into temptation."
The past form of the verb "to lead" is "led", as
in "she led me astray."

Also "decent" is NOT the same as "descent".
"Decent" generally means good, whereas "descent"
is a path or way down.


Well hey there Scott. I appreciate the attempts at fix, but... this story was written in ONENOTE. So I don't really care.

But let me say this, if you're looking for work as an editor, there's a section for that on the site. As for my work, if I write it in one note, it's kind of obvious like this with spelling, grammar and etc. errors everywhere.

Take that as you will,