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Story Scoring

October 18, 2015
Posted at 10:51 pm

Dear SOL readers, the following is what a story of score 1 looks like:

dfsdf sdf sdvcv u d sjc cx sco js scx sdcsdcokdc

Now here's what a 2 looks like:

dfsdj vdfgjkrv dick sdfjsd cunt sdfsd balls fdshfcsd cs ass fsdfu!!!

It goes up from there, into story, characters, plot, tension, drama, and all the things we love to read.

I understand my story might not appeal to everyone, but to vote it a 1 when it's superior in quality to the bunch of gibberish sampled above--you're just being a dick.

I don't know. Maybe you've got a competing story on the Top stories and you do that to every story that's not yours, just to game the system. Or maybe you were all mad because the main character didn't get raped like you wanted her to. I don't know, but you should probably just not read at all if you're sensibilities are so easily traumatized.

Most of the votes were 8's and 9's, and there were quite a few 10s. I don't think it deserves a 10, really. It's not flawless. I'm flattered some of you enjoyed it so much, though. But it also doesn't deserve the few 1's it got.

I understand the site moderators have the scores weighted to account for trolls, though. That's a good thing. Trolls are usually too dumb to realize that their attacks are pointless, though. People voting so far off from the average score so frequently should have their votes blocked or ignored as abusing the system. If everyone's voting a story as crap, then a 1 or 2 is justified. But if it's getting good scores and somebody throws down a 1--ghost 'em.

I'm also told this was discussed extensively in the past. But I wasn't around. This is just my opinion. Thanks again for the great feedback. Have a great weekend.