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Moving files around found 4 unposted chapters of Boobiliscious

October 12, 2015
Posted at 12:55 am

I'm excited for two reasons. First, I can get this story off the incomplete and inactive list. Second, I've got some ideas that get from where I left off to the story conclusion in an interesting way. Not liking any of the ideas I had for finishing the story is what led to it sitting on the back burner for ages.

I'm re-reading the whole story, and I'm going to be posting updates to the existing chapters. Some of the dialogue changes a bit to make the overall story a bit more clear and cohesive, but no plat changes. And I caught a few typos and similar goofs that I can clean up by posting updates. I don't think I've had any email asking why I never finished the story, but I'd still like to finish something I started.

I've got two more chapters to put the finishing touches on to finish up the current Samantha story, so that's what will get posted next. Then updates to Boobiliscious followed up by the 4 unposted chapters. Depending on what new gets written while I'm working on that I'll either finish up Boobiliscious or start posting Meagan's Breathing Lessons.