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October 9, 2015
Posted at 10:46 pm

When I wrote 'How I type' I stated that I work with word at 200 percent normal size. What I should have stated was that my screen resolution is not at the standard out of the box setting but is set at 800x600 which makes a very big difference in how large things appear on my computer screen. That of course is for my left eye. If I set word at 500 percent I can make out a letter at a time with my right eye. I did wear glasses (I have since I was five) but now I only wear them when I'm outside and they are heavily tinted. My glasses don't help when I'm looking at the computer screen and no my opthemoligist can't improve them. I also haven't driven a car since 1990 when I was diagnosed with my medical condition. My license was seized at the time. I have also been using a mobility cane since 1995 and while I call myself 'The Blind Man' the Canadian National Institue of the Blind only considers me a low vision client. Still according to the Canadian Tax system I'm considered legally blind and I do receive a tax deduction. Now I'm going to leave things at that and go back to working on a chapter of Game World. No further comments please.