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Blind man's buff

October 9, 2015
Posted at 9:18 am

Well the title's a bit of a joke but if your sight is failing it ain't very funny. I just read The Blind Man's blog followed by Fast Turtle's. I've lost the sight of one eye and part of the other, fotunately I can still see quite clearly at normal screen resolution but I do have difficulty finding the mouse pointer (I use trails) and the cursor. So I'm probbly better off than them, but it does worry me when Fast Turtle says he is still driving. I gave up because when your eyesight reaches a certain point you don't know what you can't see. For instance I can look at a sheet of plywood and my brain fills in the whole thing because I know what it looks like. If there is a pencil in the middle of it I probably won't see it until I look very carefully. If I were driving that could be a small child... Think about it.