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How do I type?

October 7, 2015
Posted at 11:04 am

The question was asked today by a reader and the topic has been broached by other readers in the past so I decided to post something here to clarify things.

To start things off I will say that I'm a touch-typer and I have been since I was fourteen years old. I've always been a typist (long before computers ever came out and back in the days when if you wanted to have more than one copy you had to use carbon paper). Being a touch-typist meant that I had to learn to be an accurate typer without having to look at the paper that I was typing. I've kept at it for over forty years.

To date I haven't tried using any mechanical aids such as Dragon Speech. I do have a copy of it but I haven't loaded it up yet. Mostly I type with word set at 200 percent magnification and I use spelling and grammer check continually in an effort to get most of my spelling mistakes before I send it off to my editor / proofreader.

I am considering getting some hardware now that my vision has really diminished. I've got an appointment with my local Institute of the Blind to talk to their computer specialist. Hopefully they can offer me something that doesn't cost me a fortune.

So that is it for now; a life of touch typing and ramped up magnification and a hell of a lot of spell checking.

Thanks for asking.