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Ya Know That Swarm Story I Keep Going On About.

October 4, 2015
Posted at 10:34 pm

Like most of my generation we, the Significant Other and I are getting up in years, and the accumulating wear and tear is catching up with us. Life happens. We just react slow to the changes.

About that story, I'm closer to completion. Had to do some heavy editing to a chapter around those pesky doctor visits, blood draws and minor procedures. I won't promise when it will get posted, several chapters still need editing and continuity checks.

It will be a California Pick-Up story from a week or two after the Mega Pickup detailed in "Buying Wholesale" by Thinking Horndog and "A Day At The Fair" by Baron Rod and just before the events of "Shooting Star" by akarge. Just in case you're keeping track.

If you haven't read those I most hardily recommend them, but they aren't necessary for the enjoyment of the story.

Thanks for your patience. I know my fellow Swarm Authors are keeping you entertained. Hope to hear from you soon.