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My apologies, for being absent for so long!

October 4, 2015
Posted at 4:59 pm

Lazeez's automatic systems have, have marked "Shut-Up and Drive" as incomplete and inactive. Which I must admit is partly true. However the yarn hasn't been abandoned or moved to my "Maybe sometime folder."

In fact, although I originally only wrote a short, that comprised the first chapter posted here. Chapters Three, Four and Five are all sitting here on my hard drives. However unfortunately at this time, the fourth chapter is only half complete and I have to be in the right mood before I can return to it.

Third person omniscience is not my favoured writing genre and I've had so much (relatively) going on in my life the last year or so, that I can't drop into my dream worlds as readily as I once could.

Hopefully we'll get back to the good old days, before very much longer.

Best wishes to all my regular readers. I promise I haven't forgotten you!

However having said all that, I must point out that my son is temporarily in residence with us whilst he's between contracts (when I was younger we called unemployed, but like thespians he terms it resting).

Whatever my study was his bedroom for many years, so I doubt get the peace and quite I require for writing until he signs a new contract, somewhere.