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Vivid dreams, a writing dilemma and a pet peeve about authors

September 29, 2015
Posted at 10:01 am

Last night I had a vivid dream which I actually remembered. It was a complete short story, but it will take me away from my current story which is at page 85 with 4 more big scenes/focal points. Do I spend the day or rest of the week writing "Night of the Wolf" (working title) which has little or no sex or keep chugging away at my current story which has lots of sex (3 small group scenes and a threesome)?

Do other writers get vivid dreams or is it part of my bipolar disorder?

I could easily post my first story and start breaking my current story into the inevitable chapters and start posting it, but I despise reading part of a story. It would have driven me insane had I lived in the late 1800s waiting on a wharf for the latest installment of A Christmas Carol or Oliver Twist. Even Frank Herbert I think first published "Dune" (my favourite book) in installments in a magazine. It is driving me crazy just waiting for the latest of the Dune Series, "Navigators of Dune" to be printed and I think Brian Herbert said on Facebook that it has been sent to the publishers. Even waiting for the Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit movies was painful.

As a kid I couldn't wait for Christmas, my favourite season, to take place and had my presents unwrapped in seconds. Stories for me are like Christmas presents or new blockbuster movies. You don't watch Star Wars up to the introduction of Luke Skywalker or watch or read Dune until Paul escapes to the Fremen after the Harkonen/Saudakar attack AND, then wait a week or month to watch the rest of the movie. Stories are too important to me to read a chapter or two. I REALLY TRIED to read only a chapter or two of some great stories here like "Prodigal" by Aroslav, but it drove me crazy, so I waited until I could read the entire story.

I'm sorry other authors here, but I REFUSE TO READ or RATE chapters or part of a non serialized story. I understand and often agree with the reasons for posting chapters of a story, but this odd reader goes crazy at only being permitted part of story to read. I'm a slow reader and it is not uncommon for me to spend 18 or 20 hours at a stretch reading a book or story from here; barely eating.

I WILL NEVER POST part of a story in chapter form. I will post parts of a trilogy weekly for 3 weeks though. It's only a pet peeve of mine and a quirk of mine. Back to page 85 of the part two of my trilogy and I might get back to "Night of the Wolf" and start writing it instead of a plot outline. Keep writing and reading.