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Kill Switch Version B

September 10, 2015
Posted at 8:32 pm

Part 2 of my Kill Switch writing experiment is up. This one has sex, a bit of morbid humour and a surprise ending. It is more upbeat too. I've been mildly manic, pouring out many story ideas and plot fragments while plodding through what I am calling my travelling Canada series, so it must be September. Chilly mornings, warm days and cold nights seems to stir creativity in me.

I came up with a new story idea I hope will turn into a story which has two characters I'm growing fond of as I flesh them out and a working title of "Food Awakening". That's the magical thing about having bipolar disorder. You can spew out many, many ideas and a few are really great. Half are simply okay and a quarter are garbage. Some I will go back to and finish off like "Kill Switch". I have a couple stories like that and the one with the most meat on it's bones I call "White Death" which only has a good full beginning. Back to writing.