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Kill Switch stories are being posted daily

September 9, 2015
Posted at 9:51 pm

You ever hear something in the news and think to yourself, "That would make a GREAT idea for a fictional story." ?

A year ago when ISIS was rampaging through Iraq they were taking captured American made military equipment. Somebody suggested that tanks, Humvees etc. should have a manually or remotely activated "Kill Switch" to disable them.

I decided to run with the idea and place a futuristic twist on a hostile landscape to tell this tale of survival. How would YOU react in a crisis? So many possibilities ran through my mind that I chose three scenarios/parallel universes to write about. The postscripts are slightly different and so are the endings.

I had these half written a year ago and finished them this week during a bout of writers block. Writers block was broken by the recipe "Bami Goreng" you'll have to look up or wait.

This series helped inspire a new true trilogy which I am currently 75% done part two of three parts. The currently Canadian Federal Election has made me distrustful of authoritarian governments as seen in the postscripts. I hope you enjoy the unexpected since these stories are full of surprises and twists. I hope you enjoy. It was a cute experiment I may try again depending upon your response and feedback.